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Kyla – My Very Best

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Martin – 3D Tatlong Dekada

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Bamboo – No water No Moon

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December 29th, 2015 / New Releases /

PolyEast Records and one of the country’s most prominent names of OPM, Bamboo Mañalac announced the release of the sophomore album “Bless This Mess.” The album was officially launched on October 26 at 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub in Makati City.


Nearly four years after beginning a solo career with the brilliant  2011 “No Water, No Moon,” Bamboo ease into his second phase with the new album “Bless This Mess” released by PolyEast Records.


Taking subtle risks such as the bluesy but energy-boost kick-off single “Firepower”, Bamboo said the song was written at the time of his 2011 “No water, No Moon” but didn’t think it matched the tone of the other songs in his first solo album.


He added, “So it was shelved and developed and was ready for this new album. I think listeners have to figure out for themselves what the songs means. I wanted folks to feel the music, the kick, then they’ll get the lyric”.


“Firepower” was officially heard on digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Deezr, Spinnr, Amazon, Guvera Music as well as local radios all over the country on October 15. PolyEast Records’ YouTube channel also premiered a prelude song “Nothing Like You” which connects to Firepower music video directed by Paolo Valenciano. “In the video, both songs are together because they are meant to be the same thing. If you see the video, you’ll get to interpret how both connect to each other,” Bamboo added.


The album was recorded in Grand Street Recording Studio in Brooklyn, New York and features ten brand new well-crafted compositions. “After the whole experience, I think it was the only place on the planet I could have recorded this album– with all the elements needed and the different characters for each track. It’s the songs that dictate the direction of the album where all just fit. It wasn’t easy but that’s the fun part”.

In a five-month process during his TV stints as coach of The Voice, Bamboo produced and wrote most of the songs winding up a renewed energy pushing different styles as he said, “There’s definitely a shake up– from the quiet feeling of the last album, I wanted this one to be a punch in the face”.

As the album title “Bless This Mess” signifies more than it seems, he explained, “I’ll let folks figure that out but it’s something I’ve whispered to myself before sessions or gigs in past years”.

I could be wrong with how long the break was and that’s the challenge of why it took so long. There was just so much swimming in my head and this album is part moving forward as well as just fitting another piece to the puzzle — in regards to how my current sets will sound and look like”.


Bamboo Mañalac’s new offering “Bless This Mess” CD will be available on October 30 at all records bars nationwide. Digital tracks can also be downloaded on iTunes, Amazon and Guvera Music. You may also listen to the full album on Spotify.

Special thanks to Globe Tattoo, JAG Black, Pepsi, Axe, Cornetto, Stage Craft, PMX and 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub.

For more information, follow PolyEast Records’ official social media accounts at, and



Official Hashtag:                   #BlessThisMess 



Twitter:                                   @BambooMuzakLive




Facebook:                              Bamboo Music Live

                                                PolyEast Records


Instagram:                              @BambooMuzakLive




Official “Firepower”

Music Video:                















Bamboo Firepower/Nothing Like You Music Video

December 29th, 2015 / Music Video /

TJ Monterd “Ikaw At Ako”

May 27th, 2015 / Music Video /

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